As we shared with you in our last newsletter, we have been busy working on re-launching Women in Family Business ANZ after a difficult year, not just for us but for everybody.

After our conference in October 2019, which provided positive and wonderful feedback as well as requests for more events, content, conversations from our attendees, we were certainly incredibly motivated, full of ideas and enthusiasm.

Planning for the October 2020 conference had already started in January and we could almost picture and touch what we wanted to bring to attendees.

From March, we were confronted with the reality, like so many other businesses, that our plans and ideas would not come to life. Admittedly, in the months that followed, it was often difficult to continue holding on to the vision that we had. Doubt certainly crept in and yes, there was fear as well. The fear of losing something that was so close to our hearts, the fear of not being able to find the energy to start again, and also the fear of asking people for help in a time when the future seemed uncertain.

Fast forward to September of 2020 and thanks to our amazing partnership with Family Business Australia, we felt that we were not alone. We restarted the journey with a great masterclass, which showed us that our passion was real and well received.

Admittedly, this might have been the best planned (or over-planned) masterclass of the year as we were so conscious of making it a success. We had to ‘revive’ Susanne, our MD, a few times in the weeks leading up to it as the stress was getting to us all.

Since then the support we have received, whether from people happy to provide input and actual hours or from those inviting us to speak and share our story, has been uplifting and has helped us reenergise to set the foundation for 2021.

Wherever we have turned for conversations, we kept hearing the same message, that there is still a strong desire and case for an organisation to provide support to the women in family business, to help them better understand the many roles they play and balance the real complexities these bring.

From next year, we will be offering online content, in-person events, a COVID-appropriate conference, and monthly mentoring. This also includes the ability to be part of a real community to share your stories and to listen and learn from other women in family business across Australia and New Zealand.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next newsletter with additional details on how to join us and what we have planned for 2021.

Until next month,

Your team at WIFB ANZ

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