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Michelle King Event

Tackling Diversity and Inclusion for Family Businesses

“If we want to think beyond tomorrow, we need to look at the strength diversity brings more openly".

On the 10th of September we held a Masterclass with Michelle P. King, examining the importance of inclusion, diversity, equality and a values-based culture not just for the corporate sector, but for family businesses.

With nearly two decades of experience and five degrees, Michelle King is a leading global expert in organizational culture, equality and gender. Michelle has significant international experience advancing women in innovation and technology, leading global diversity and inclusion programs, as well as advocating for women at work.

In this masterclass we dived deep into the unique role women in family business play; with their focus on inclusion, diversity, equality and harmony. Watch the recorded live-stream of this masterclass to gain an understanding of:
• How inequality works and how individual forms of privilege
• How family businesses can shift from prototype-based cultures to cultures of equality
• How all men and women stand to benefit from taking positive action
• Two to three key actions that all key leaders, family members and employees can take today to create a culture of equality to work.

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