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Our partner podcasts features a WIFBANZ team member on a guest podcast. Topics covered include women in family business, finding the courage and clarity to speak out, family governance, sustainable family businesses, vulnerability, create spaces of connection and more!

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Rising and Vulnerability Interview with the WIFB Conference Founder Susanne Bransgrove

Hosted by Christina Foxwell, the Ignite Purpose podcast is designed to help you challenge your purpose, make a difference, lead yourself, lead and empower others and understand how to connect with others so we can be better together.

In this episode, Christina chats with WIFBANZ Founder, Susanne Bransgrove to chat about vulnerability, women in family businesses and, creating spaces of connection and conversation…

Episode 48. Family business’ with Susanne Bransgrove

This week’s podcast is with Family Business Expert Susanne Bransgrove.

Susanne shares light on the inner workings of a family business and the importance of roles within the business, how to effective collaboration with many inputs from members and tips on how to ensure smooth collaboration….

The Evolution of Women in Family Business with Susanne Bransgrove

Susanne Bransgrove, one of the directors of Liquidgold Consultants, is known for her passion for supporting Families in Business manage the complexities of balancing multiple generations and for encouraging female founders and future leaders to be the best they can be.

Growing up in Germany as part of a third-generation family business has provided her with a sound foundation for understanding the range of issues that arise when family members work together. Susanne puts her heart into the businesses and individuals she spends time with and believes in a strong foundation of love and compassion….

How to find Clarity and the Courage to speak out

As a family business member, it can sometimes be difficult to find the courage to stand up for what you believe. However, it can be just as complicated to walk away from a difficult situation. Being brave means more than just having the courage to speak your mind. It means having the courage to believe in a better future, know who you are and be vulnerable with those around you, even if that means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

It is crucial for all family business members to understand their role within the company. However, if that role does not coincide with their ideals, beliefs and aspirations, it is sometimes necessary to be clear and draw the line.
In this episode of our WiFB conversations, Susanne Bransgrove and Ramia Marielle El Agamy discuss what it means to be brave and why courage is conducive to a more harmonious family business environment….

Good Business comes from Good Family

Susanne Bransgrove is Founder & Director of Women in Family Business and LiquidGold Consultants. Susanne’s passion for Family Businesses is built on her experience as a 3rd generation member of a successful German business, allowing her to truly understand the range of issues that exist in a family business, especially when trying to meet the needs of multiple generations.

In this podcast episode, Susanne guides us through solving issues through manageable discussion frameworks, functional governance structures and facilitating conversations to enable meaningful interactions supporting the important human element and emotional side of long-term business and family decisions. Find out about the powerful quadrant framework for a balanced approach to provide business sustainability, people focus and family harmony…