Our Story

We are here to help you converse, connect and celebrate with other amazing women in family business across Australia and New Zealand.

About Women in Family Business Australia & New Zealand

Women in Family Business Australia & New Zealand recognises the unique challenges faced by women in family businesses as they perform multiple roles to support their family and family business.

Our passion—to support and empower the amazing women in this sector—saw us launch in 2019 with our first conference. Our desire is to help provide the conversations, connections and insights needed for women to better understand the many roles they play each day: often as the important glue that holds the family and business together.

Women In Family Business

How do we support Women in Family Business?

We provide the connections, conversations and community to help you develop insights, ideas, and support systems to better understand the complex system you are part of. Your voice is important, and we want it to be heard.

Learn from—and with—other amazing women in family business, as well as expert thought leaders, on topics including family dynamics, leadership, well-being and diversity (and many more).

Women In Family

What are the benefits of being part of our community?

We understand that being a woman in society is complex. Being a woman in business is also complicated. Being a woman in a family business—even more so!

Sometimes it is difficult to find help for your concerns or problems.

Whether your questions regard your siblings, your children or your own growth and well-being, we will provide you with the connections, conversations and content you need to find comfort as well as answers.

Being a member will connect you to other women in family businesses and allow you to listen to their stories and share your own.

We will help you with the conversations that you feel are missing and which you have not been able to find elsewhere.

Women In Family

The Team at Women in Family Business Australia & New Zealand is ready to support you

Our team at WiFBANZ will help you find the right connections, conversations and content. We are working tirelessly to find great speakers, masterclass leaders, and events to support you on your journey.

Contact us at support@wifbanz.com