April 22, 2021

TeaTime with Trudi Yip of Yep Lum and Co. and Numeric Eight

Pontiac. Mayan Twilight. King Edward. Purple Bliss. Spunta. Aztec Gold.   →Wrestlers? Shades of lippy?   Like me, veggies mightn’t have immediately come to mind when you read through this list. But all these varieties, and dozens of others, are gourmet potatoes sold…
April 8, 2021

TeaTime with Fatima Darash of Mr Matt Barber Shop

In a cosy barbershop in inner-city Spring Hill, a small boy with a Persian afro and skinny jeans walks up and down a repurposed pew, chatting to customers. Liam effortlessly…
Launch Event - WifbanzUpdate
March 2, 2021

A Story of Passion, Courage and Love

It is Thursday morning, the day after our official Women in Family Business Australia & New Zealand launch event.   What a whirlwind year it has been to get to this…
Gerbinos - TeaTimeTeaTime
March 2, 2021

TeaTime with Renee Searle of Gerbino’s Pasticceria

In our first TeaTime story, we meet our WiFBANZ staff writer, Helen Gearing, and are introduced to Renee Searle and the Gerbino family business.   Helen’s story I was 19…
December 21, 2020

A New Normal for Women in Family Business?

Six months ago, I had the opportunity to talk with Ramia Marielle El Agamy, Manager at Tharawat Family Business Forum, about the effects of the lockdown for women in family...…
Diversity & InclusionInspiration
December 21, 2020

Quiet Champions of Family Firms

The conversation on the importance of equality for women in the workplace certainly isn’t new and the debate about whether we have come far in our quest certainly continues to…
InspirationPartner ContentSupport
December 21, 2020

Why it’s imperative to provide support to women running family businesses

It is remarkable when you consider we live in an age where there is seemingly a need to quantify and measure everything with metrics and data, that we can not...…
Diversity & InclusionEventsMasterclass
December 21, 2020

A Reflection on Diversity and Equality

In September of this year, we were fortunate enough to have Michelle P. King join us for a live webinar, sharing her insights from seven years of researching gender equality.…
December 21, 2020

The Case For Women In Family Business ANZ

As we shared with you in our last newsletter, we have been busy working on re-launching Women in Family Business ANZ after a difficult year, not just for us but…